Personal Training

I became a fully qualified personal trainer in 2016, and since then I have been harnessing and developing my skills and knowledge at an exclusive health club in Colchester, Essex. My approach to personal training encompasses all aspects of your training and nutritional needs, combined with a focus on recovery to achieve the best results possible for you! In my role as a personal trainer, I aim to impart my knowledge and educate clients how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, as well as moving and performing better. This is evident in the training sessions I deliver, which are progressively challenging yet highly supportive and motivating.

I frequently reflect on the 3 years I spent reading a BSc in Sport Studies at University, as the multi-disciplinary components of physiology and psychology help me to fully understand a clients needs and why their body performs in a certain way. This has enabled me to help current and past clients who have differentiating goals, ranging from; more common weight loss and muscle building goals, to rehabilitation following knee and breast cancer surgery, as well as improving the performance of athletes and aspiring young talents.

I had always envisioned a career in health and fitness, having spent the past 12 years training and playing competitive sport myself. This has enabled me to relate to my clients goals, as I understand how much dedication and often sacrifice is required to achieve them. I have competed at several National and Regional X-Country Championships growing up, as well as representing Eastern Counties Rugby Union for a number of years. Yet, recently my focus has turned to National Fitness Competitions such as Turf Games.

I have always been passionate about the health and fitness industry, but having the opportunity to help others achieve their goals is the most fulfilling aspect for me. If you would like to know more, see what some some of my clients have said about me on my Testimonials Page or get in touch.